Dream Basketball

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Playing Dream Basketball

Dream Basketball is a dream event exclusive to the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

In this dream event, players must shoot basketballs into three baskets with wings to score points (2 points per basket). All the baskets move horizontally, but all in a different speed (Upper basket flies fast, middle basket flies normal, lower basket flies slow). If the ball the player throws comes in more baskets in one throw, the player can get combos to get more points. Golden basketballs sometimes appear. They can be thrown in a basket to get triple points, and getting more points by making combos. This event also has a time limit for the player. The player can customize the time limit by changing the amount in the "Set Rules" screen before the event starts. The player can play for one minute, one and a half minutes, or for two minutes. Whoever has the most points when time runs out is declared the winner of the event. The Stylus is used for this event. To collect a basketball and aim, the player must tap the Stylus on the ball and drag it anywhere on the bottom screen. Releasing it lets the character shoot the basketball.


Sometimes, there are basketballs with item logos marked on them. The player automatically uses the item marked on it if the ball makes it through the hoop. Each item has a different effect, and all are limited for a time:

  • Super Mushroom - After use, the hoops of the baskets will grow in size, so it's easier to score.
  • Chaos Emerald - Can cause one of the two things to all foes: the first one is that a Boo will block a random basket, so it can't be used; The second one is that some baskets fly slower or faster, so it's harder or easier to score.
  • Balloon - All the baskets will fly to the center of their horizontal line, so it's easier to make combos.
  • Starman - When the Starman is in use, only golden basketballs appear, allowing the player to score more points.