Dream Boxing

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Dream Boxing

Dream Boxing is a Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and exclusive to the DS version. This event pits two characters in a 4-competitor tournament. Opponents attack each other with a series of punches to reduce the other stamina resulting in a knock-out. If the opponent does not stand up before the referee counts to ten, the victor wins by a K.O. (Knock out). Special Punches make the opponent lose a lot of stamina and in some cases, a K.O. Sometimes, the player can block the Special Punch and lose little stamina.


  • Y Button & A Button - Basic Punches.
  • L Button or R Button (hold) - Defend.
  • +Control Pad – Counter.
  • X Button - Special Punch.
  • A Button (repeatedly) - Get back up after being knocked down.