Dream Long Jump (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)

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Dream Long Jump
Dream Long Jump.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Controls Run: Slide left and right on the Touch Screen.
Jump: Slide upwards on the Touch Screen.
Move: Control Pad or A, B, X and Y Buttons.
Use item: Touch Item Window, L or R Button.
Land: Slide left and right on Touch Screen.
Circuits Galaxy Circuit
Big Bang Circuit

Dream Long Jump is a Dream Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to fly as far as possible and perform a successful landing, with the event taking place at Blue Sky Island.


In this event, the player has three attempts to reach the furthest distance possible, with the furthest of the three being counted as their final distance. The event starts by announcing each of the characters, before allowing the player to start running. The player can do this by quickly sliding left and right on the Touch Screen to increase their speed, before sliding upwards at the end of the track to take off. The angle at which they slide and the timing will affect their jump's height and speed, with "Miss" ratings given for failing to jump in time and "Good" for jumps with better angles and timing. Once in the air, the player can use left and right on +Control Pad or Y Button and A Button to move left and right, down or B Button to gain height but lose speed, and up or X Button to lose height but gain speed. The player can catch the wind to fly further in a certain direction if they are moving in that direction when the wind blows. The player should aim to steer towards the Rings, which will give them a short speed boost and appear up to the 100m line, and the Item Boxes, which give out various items. The items can be used by either pressing L Button or R Button, or by touching the item window in the top left corner of the Touch Screen. The items available are:

  • Green Shell: Flies straight towards an opponent, causing them to lose height and speed if hit. Can be blocked if the player is using a Starman or Shield.
  • Red Shell: Homes in on an opponent, causing them to lose height and speed if hit. Can be blocked if the player is using a Starman or Shield.
  • Starman: Gives the player temporary invincibility from all items except for the wind, and a slight speed boost, for a limited amount of time. This is indicated by the player gaining a sparkling effect and their icon on the upper screen changing colors.
  • Shield: Gives the player protection against one hit from a shell and prevents the wind affecting them.
  • Chaos Emerald: Causes a strong headwind that affects all players.
  • Speed Boost: Gives the player a longer speed boost.

As the player begins to lose height, they must attempt to land on one of the islands in the ocean to make their distance count, as falling in the ocean counts as a foul and hence no distance will be recorded. The player can either land by losing enough height over time or by diving towards an island, using their shadow to guide their landing. Once the player lands on a island, they must quickly slide from side to side on the Touch Screen to stop, otherwise they will skid off the other side of the island and no distance will be recorded. If the player lands before the other characters, they will be able to view the rest of their opponents finishing their jumps live, following the leading character.


  • Use the stylus to play this event.
  • Slide left and right on the Touch Screen to make your character run.
  • Slide on the Touch Screen at the instant you reach the cliff's edge. Jump angle is set by the angle of your slide!
  • The better your jump is, the higher you will fly.
  • Use the +Control Pad or the A, B, X, and Y Buttons to steer your character up and down and side to side.
  • Up on the +Control Pad: Dive and gain speed.
    Down on the +Control Pad: Climb and lose speed.
  • Sometimes, if you move in the same direction as the wind, the wind will catch you and carry you along.
  • If you pass through rings on the course, they will add to your speed.
  • Get items by picking up the item boxes along the course.
  • You can use items by touching the Item Window located on the upper left, or by pressing the L Button (or R Button).
  • When your speed starts dropping, try to land on a nearby island.
  • Your jump doesn't count if you fall into the ocean. Try to land on the most distant island.
  1. Green Shell
    Flies straight at opponent.
  2. Red Shell
    Homes in on opponent.
  3. Starman
    Makes you invincible for a limited time, and increases your speed slightly.
  4. Shield
    Protects you from damage once, and prevents wind from affecting you.
  5. Chaos Emerald
    Causes a headwind to blow and interfere with all opponents.
  6. Speed Boost
    Increases your speed for a limited time.


  • Wario: Wario's fourth mission is to pass through ten rings.
  • Mario: Mario's fourth mission is to land on one of three small islands.
  • Amy: Amy's fifth mission is to use items on the three opponents ahead of her.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリーム走幅跳
Dorīmu Hashiri Habatobi
Dream Long Jump

French Longeur Rêve
German Weitsprung (Traum)
Italian Salto in lungo Sogno
Spanish Salto longitud Fantasía