Dream Race (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Wii)

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Dream Race
DreamRace MarioSonicOlympicGames.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii)
Controls Charge: Hold the B Button
Accelerate: Swing Wii Remote and Nunchuk alternately
Steer: Move control stick left and right
Jump: Press the B Button
Use items: Press the A Button
Circuits Moonlight Circuit
Satellite Circuit
Galaxy Circuit
Universal Circuit
Big Bang Circuit

Dream Race is a Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to complete laps of the course in the fastest time, with the event taking place on the Sandhill Track Course. To unlock this event, the player must complete the Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Circuits.


In this event, the player starts by pressing and holding B Button to charge up energy, with holding for a longer amount of time giving a faster start, and must swing the Wii Remote down to start running. If the player swings down too early, they will perform a foul and the event will be started over, however if the player swings the Wii Remote down with perfect timing they will perform a rocket start and receive a short speed boost. Once the event has started, the player can accelerate by alternately shaking the Wii Remote up and down, and will not lose speed unless they hit an item or obstacle. The player can move their character left and right using the control stick on the Nunchuk, and can jump over various obstacles using B Button. The course initially features basic hurdles that can be jumped over, but cause the player to lose speed and then disappear when hit, Dash Panels, which can be run over to gain a speed boost and Item Boxes, which can be picked up to obtain items, but on later laps areas of sand that slow the player down and Egg Pawns that slowly move around areas of the course that cannot be jumped over, cause players to lose speed when hit and disappear when hit also appear. If the player picks up an Item Box, they will receive an item which has one of a number of effects that can be used by pressing A Button. The player will be able to see their opponent's items as well as their own. The items that the player can receive are:

  • High Speed: Grants the player a 5 second speed boost and removes a Boo if one is following the player.
  • Starman: Grants the player invincibility for 5 seconds from all items except Boos.
  • Explosion: Can be placed on the track behind the player and explode when ran into, causing the character to lose speed. These objects remain on the course until they are run into and can be jumped over.
  • Boo: Follows the character currently in first, or second if the player is currently winning, for a short amount of time and causes them to remain at a low speed. Multiple Boos can affect a character at once, causing them to remain at an even lower speed.
  • Green Shell: Projectile thrown forwards that can hit opponents and obstacles. Can be jumped over.
  • Red Shell: Homing projectile that can be thrown at another opponent, The opponent will receive a warning of the oncoming shell and can jump over it.
  • Lightning: Temporarily stuns the opponents and causes them to lose speed.
  • Chaos Emerald: Gives the effects of Lightning, High Speed and Starman simultaneously.

The first character to complete four laps of the course wins the event.


  • This event uses the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk.
  • This event is a long distance running race to the goal. The key to winning is dodging obstacles and using items to attack your opponents effectively.
  • This event uses the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. While "READY" is displayed, press B Button to build up energy.
  • When "GO!" appears, swing the Wii Remote down to start running. Release B Button when you start running.
  • Alternate shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to speed up. Once you reach top speed, you won't slow down unless you hit an obstacle or press down on Nunchuk Control Stick.
  • Move left/right with the Nunchuk Nunchuk Control Stick and jump with B Button to avoid obstacles and attacks. If you slow down, alternately shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to regain speed.
  • Pick up Item Boxes for useful attacks and defences items, and press A Button to use them. Items can turn the tables if used well.
  • High Speed: 5-sec speed up. Erases Boo.
    Starman: 5-sec invincibility, except against Boo.
    Explosion: Hinder opponents behind you.
  • Boo: Slows down the leader.
  • Green Shell: Hit opponents and hurdles.
    Red Shell: Track and hit opponents.
    Lightning: Zap characters ahead.
    Chaos Emerald: Use for a major comeback.
  • You can also play this event with only the Wii Remote. Shake the Wii Remote up and down to speed up. Move left/right with +Control Pad. Press and hold down to slow down.


Icon Character Objective

Blaze Blaze Blaze's sixth mission is to win the event without hitting any other characters.
Sonic Sonic Sonic's third mission is to place second in the event.
Vector Vector Vector's sixth mission is to place second in the event.