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Gameplay of the Pursuit event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS.
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Cycling
Info The first player to cross the finish line is the winner of the race. The event will be in a four-player tournament. The winners move onto the finals, while the losers will play each other for third place.
Controls Charge power: Hold the L and R Buttons.
Pedal: Press the L and R Buttons alternately.
Move: Left and right on the Control Pad
Circuits Jupiter Circuit
Comet Circuit
Cosmos Circuit

Pursuit is a Cycling Event that appears exclusively in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is set in the Laoshan Velodrome. The objective of the event is to complete three laps and cross the finish line before the opponent. Toad appears as a referee in this event.


This event is set up as a four player tournament, meaning that the player's place in the first match will affect their opponent in the second match. If they win the first match, they will compete against the other winning character, however if they lose they will compete against the other losing character. The event starts by introducing the two competing characters, before showing both of them on their bikes at the starting line. When "Ready?" appears on the screen, the player is able to hold the L and R Buttons to build up power, allowing their character to perform a faster start. Once the event has started, the player must alternate between L Button and R Button to build up speed and cycle faster, which is indicated by a meter in the top left corner of the screen. The player can also move left and right by pressing the respective directions on the Control Pad. If the player's speed crosses over the yellow line into the purple section of the meter, their stamina will start to decrease at a faster rate. If the player runs out of stamina, their character will pedal slower and begin sweating, and the player will not be able to pedal quickly again until some stamina is regained. The player can gain more stamina by picking up stamina items scattered around the track, and will lose it more slowly if they are able to slipstream the other character by positioning themselves behind the other character. The first character to complete three laps of the velodrome is the winner of that race.


  • Use the buttons to play this event.
  • Cycling is a two-player race to the finish line. Ride behind your opponent to save your stamina (the heart icon).
  • When "READY?" appears, press and hold the L and R Buttons to build up power.
  • When "GO!" appears, release the L and R Buttons to take off!
  • Alternate between the L Button and R Button to pedal. Press left or right on the +Control Pad to change course.
  • Adjust your speed so the stamina meter doesn't run out.
  • Pick up stamina items on the course to restore your stamina!
  • Ride behind you opponent to enter their slipstream. You will lose stamina more slowly while riding there.


  • Wario: Wario's sixth mission is to beat Knuckles.
  • Shadow: Shadow's third mission is to collect all of the stamina items in two laps.
  • Dr. Eggman: Dr. Eggman's sixth mission is to beat Waluigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 自転車 個人追い抜き
Jitensha Kojin Oinuki
Bicycle Individual Pursuit

French Poursuite
German Verfolgung
Italian Inseguimento
Spanish Persecución