Triple Jump (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS)

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Triple Jump
TripleJump MarioSonicDS.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Athletics
Info Sprint down the runway towards the designated takeoff mark, then take a hop (landing on the same foot you launched from), step (landing on the other), and jump into the sand-filled pit. Start your first leap before the takeoff mark to avoid disqualification. The best of three attempts will count as your official jump.
Controls Work up crowd: Clap into microphone.
Run: Slide left and right.
Jump: Slide across the Touch Screen.
Circuits Moonlight Circuit
Sunlight Circuit
Universal Circuit

Triple Jump is an Athletics Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is set in the National Stadium. The objective of the event is to jump as far as possible using three consecutive jumps. To unlock this event, the player must have placed first in the Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Circuits. Toad and Cream appear as referees in this event. If Super Mario characters are used, Toad is the referee, and if Sonic characters are used, then Cream is. The starting world record for this event is 18.29, while the starting Olympic record is 18.09.


This event starts with the player clapping by the microphone to draw inspiration from the crowd, although this can also be done by simply blowing into the microphone. The amount of inspiration is shown by a meter onscreen, with a greater amount allowing the player to jump further, although not continuously clapping will cause the amount in the meter to gradually fall. This can be skipped by simply tapping on the touch screen. The player then begins the 39m run up to the takeoff board, by sliding left and right on the Touch Screen to build up speed and run faster. At 13m, the player's speed will be locked and they are able to stop sliding and prepare to jump. When the player gets closer to the takeoff board, they are able to jump by sliding upwards on the Touch Screen, and must then slide again twice more when prompted to perform the other two jumps. If the player fails to perform any of these jumps in time or at all, the attempt will be marked as a foul and no distance will be recorded for the jump, before moving onto the next attempt. The timing and angle of the jump's slide will affect the distance of the jump, with an angle closer to 45° and "Good" or "Great" rated jumps being preferable. The player gets three attempts in this event, with a separate distance being recorded for each jump and their furthest distance being used as their final result.


  • Use the stylus to play this event.
  • Clap near the microphone with proper timing to work up the crowd. Maybe it will help you jump farther!
  • Run by sliding left and right on the Touch Screen.
  • When "SPEED LOCKED" appears, your speed will be set.
  • At the takeoff board, slide three times on the Touch Screen at the angle you want to hop, step and jump.
  • Running speed, jump timing, and angle will all affect your result.


  • Luigi: Luigi's second mission is to perform a jump between 13 and 15 metres.
  • Sonic: Sonic's second mission is to jump at least 15 metres with an angle of at least 50°.
  • Daisy: Daisy's third mission is to achieve a "Great" rating on all three jumps.
  • Waluigi: Waluigi's fourth mission is to total at least 48m over three jumps.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 三段跳
Triple Jump
French Triple saut
German Dreisprung
Italian Salto triplo
Spanish Triple salto