Hammer Throw (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS)

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Hammer Throw
HammerThrow DS.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Athletics
Info Take the hammer in hand, spin within the designated area (circle) to build momentum, and release the hammer in the direction of the landing area. If your hammer misses the landing area, your attempt will be disqualified. The best of three attempts will count as your official throw.
Controls Build momentum: Slide in a circle on the Touch Screen.
Throw: Lift stylus.
Circuits Mercury Circuit
Stardust Circuit
Meteorite Circuit

Hammer Throw is an Athletics Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is set in the National Stadium. The aim of the event is to throw the hammer as far as possible. The starting world record for this event is 86.74, while the starting Olympic record is 84.80. Lakitu and Charmy appear as referees in this event. If Super Mario characters are used, Lakitu is the referee, and if Sonic characters are used, then Charmy is.


In this event, the player starts by sliding in a circle on the Touch Screen to build up momentum for their throw. The faster they slide, the more momentum they will build up, indicated by the hammer gaining a red or blue trail. After a short while, a countdown will begin and the player must release the hammer at the end of the countdown while facing towards the opening in the cage. If the player releases while facing towards on of the sides of the cage the attempt will be marked as a foul. Once the hammer has left the cage, the hammer will fly across the field, though if the player received a "Good" or "Great" rating on their throw, they will be prompted by an exclamation mark to blow into the microphone to yell and cause the hammer to fly further. When the hammer lands, the player will be given their distance, though if the hammer lands outside of the landing zone they will also have the attempt marked as a foul, even if it did fly some distance. Speed of the player drawing circles, throw timing and whether the character yells will all affect the distance of the throw. The player is given three attempts in this event, with the furthest distance they throw being the one used to decide their placing in the event.


  • Use the stylus to play this event.
  • Slide in a continuous circle on the Touch Screen to turn your character. (The direction of rotation does not matter.)
  • Remove the stylus from the Touch Screen in time with the "3, 2, 1, !" countdown to throw the hammer farther.


  • Knuckles: Knuckles' first mission is to throw the hammer further each attempt.
  • Bowser: Bowser's second mission is to total 220m over three throws.
  • Vector: Vector's second mission is to throw the hammer with a "Great" rating.
  • Dr. Eggman: Dr. Eggman's third mission is to yell on all three throws.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンマー投
Hanmā Nage
Hammer Throw

French Marteau
German Hammerwerfen
Italian Martello
Spanish Lanz. de martillo