DK Jungle Court

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For the Nintendo 64 Mario Tennis court see Donkey Kong Court. For the Game Boy Color Mario Tennis court, see Jungle Court. For the Mario Tennis Open court, see DK Jungle (court).
DK Jungle Court, as it appears in Mario Power Tennis.

DK Jungle Court is a tennis court the default court in the game Mario Power Tennis. The standard version of the court is on a wooden platform with a mine kart system around the court which also looks over a waterfall. In the gimmick version of the course, there are Klaptraps on the net. When they are hit by a player, they would go on that players opponents' side of the court. If they bit a characters leg, it will slow them down, which will make it harder for them to reach the ball. Occasionally, a Thunder Lakitu will shoot many thunderbolts at the Klaptraps on one side of the court, which will leave them running away burnt. Kritters can be seen watching the game as well. Balloon Panic, a Minigame, is held on this court.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Jungle DK DK Jungle