Gooper Blooper Court

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Gooper Blooper Court
Gooper Blooper Court MPT.png
Ball Speed Fastest
Bounce Strength Normal
Appearance(s) Mario Power Tennis
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

Gooper Blooper Court is one of the tennis courts in Mario Power Tennis. It is set on top of the yellow platform in Ricco Harbor, however, Gooper Blooper is absent in this case. The music in Gooper Blooper Court is a slightly remixed version of that from Ricco Harbor. In the Gimmick Court, platforms on the court move, revealing water beneath them. Ordinary Bloopers watch these games. In the minigame Gooper Blooper Volley, the court is set where Gooper Blooper is fought the first time in Ricco Harbor and Gooper Blooper is present in this case.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Méga Bloups Gooper Blooper
Italian Campo Calamarcio Gooper Blooper Court