Balloon Panic

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Balloon Panic from Mario Power Tennis.
Balloon Panic in single-player mode

Balloon Panic is a minigame found in Mario Power Tennis. The goal is to stop Klaptraps from popping any DK balloons. If a Klaptrap is hit three times, it will fall off, and the player will gain one point. There are three Klaptrap colors: green, red and blue. Green ones are slow, red ones are fast and blue ones are very fast. They all follow an electric current of the same color. To change it, one must hit a vine panel to divert a Klaptrap to an empty space.

The special game is played on DK Jungle Court.


  • Panic - Easy - Protect two red balloons from 10 Klaptraps.
  • Super Panic - Normal - Protect three blue balloons from 20 Klaptraps.
  • Ultra-Hyper Panic - Hard - Protect four yellow balloons from 30 Klaptraps.
  • Balloon Panic Challenge - BONUS - Protect four green balloons from a horde of Klaptraps. The game lasts until a Klaptrap pops a balloon.

In the Wii version, the red and yellow balloons switch difficulty levels and the player must protect four balloons regardless of difficulty settings.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Salvaglobos Balloon Saver