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Panels,[1][2][3] also named squares,[4] are objects found on the overworld map in Super Mario Bros. 3. They represent the different areas in each world. There are five types of panels:

Sprite (NES) Name Description
Start Space.png Start Panel These mark the starting point on the map of each world.
Action Panel[1] Action Panels, originally named Action Scene Panels,[2][3] are where Mario and Luigi access the various levels found on the map. They cannot pass an Action Panel unless they have completed its level. Once either character has done so, the Action Panel becomes a Cleared Panel[1] (also named Clear Panel[2][4]), and these depict an "M" (for Mario) or an "L" (for Luigi), depending on which character completed the level. Once either Mario or Luigi complete a level, neither of them can revisit it, so they must move on to the next area.
SMB3 Spade Panel.png Spade Panel These are optional areas that, when accessed, allow Mario or Luigi to play a slot machine-like minigame. The player's objective is to line up three pictures to show either a Mushroom, a Flower, or a Star, which reward two, three, and five extra lives respectively. If any of the pictures are not properly aligned, Mario or Luigi do not earn any extra lives. Regardless of the outcome, the Spade Panel becomes a Clear Panel once the minigame is finished.
N-Mark Spade Panel N-Mark Spade Panel A special type of Spade Panel that occasionally appears on the map. Unlike other panels, Mario or Luigi automatically access an N-Mark Spade Panel when they move onto it. Here, they can play a simple card-matching game in which they must flip over two random cards each turn. Each pair matches earns Mario or Luigi a reward, depending on which item is shown on the paired cards. If Mario or Luigi do not get a match two turns in a row, the minigame ends, and they are returned to the world map.


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