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Gameplay of Super Mario Bros. 35
Enemy clones in Course 5-2

Enemy clones were enemies that appeared in Super Mario Bros. 35. When a player defeated an enemy or another enemy clone, an enemy clone was sent to one or multiple other players. Enemy clones could also be sent to other players by touching the flagpole or the axe. Enemy clones acted identically to regular enemies, but appeared with less saturated colors. When the player was sent an enemy clone, it appeared offscreen in the upcoming part of the level. Upcoming enemy clones were also shown on the bar below the screen.

All enemies that could be defeated, including Lava Bubbles, could be turned into enemy clones. Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, and Koopa Paratroopas could simply be stomped on to send an enemy clone to another player; stomping the same enemy again did not send additional clones. The behavior of cloned Cheep Cheeps changed depending on the level: they swam in water levels, but leapt from the bottom of the screen in non-water levels. Cloned Lakitus could appear at different heights, and threw cloned Spinies. Clones of Bowsers and Hammer Bros fired projectiles with less saturated colors. Cloned Bowsers always threw hammers in courses after World 6.

Enemy clones could not appear in sub-areas (except in an underwater sub-area in Course 5-2) or in Coin Heavens.