World 7 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)

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World 7
World Map
Game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Level(s) 4
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World 7 is the seventh normal world of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. After the Fake Bowser in World 7-4 has been defeated, players will gain access to the final normal World, which is World 8. This is the second world in the game to be set at night, following World 2.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Summary
World 7-1 SMAS LL World 7-1 Title Card.png The first level of World 7 is a relatively short level with pipes, platforms, and wind.
World 7-2 SMAS LL World 7-2 Title Card.png The second level of World 7 has several narrow platforms and Lakitu, with a puzzle the player needs to solve at the beginning.
World 7-3 SMAS LL World 7-3 Title Card.png The third level of World 7 has many Super Springs and spread out platforms.
World 7-4 Preview for most castles from the Super Mario All-Stars versions of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. The fourth level of World 7 is a castle with several narrow passageways.


Level maps[edit]