World 8-2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)

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World 8-2
World 8-2
Level code World 8-2
World World 8
Game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 8-2 is the second level of World 8 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and the thirtieth level overall in said game. The level is unique in that the end-of-level flagpole is actually hidden in the sky, and requires making a beanstalk appear to complete said level. The fortress walls in the background appear in the original and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe versions of the game with items being found in Brick Blocks, but the walls are absent in the Super Mario All-Stars version, with items being found in Hidden Blocks.


The player begins on a stretch of land ending at a pipe with a Piranha Plant. Above the gap afterward is a platform that falls when the player jumps onto it, and above that is a Brick Block containing a power-up. Afterward is a row of Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, a Koopa Paratroopa, and Piranha Plants ending at a Springboard. Using the Springboard, the player can get over a tall pillar and jump across a pool of water. To progress further, the player needs to jump off of a Koopa Paratroopa and hit the Brick Block above it, producing a Beanstalk that leads to the Goal Pole. If the player defeats the Koopa Paratroopa without hitting the block, or misses the block entirely, they will have to continue to the right through some Hammer Bros., blocks with Poison Mushrooms, and an underground chamber to return to a Warp Pipe before the Springboard and try again.


Name Count
A Red Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Piranha Plant
Buzzy Beetle
A Green Koopa Troopa walking from Super Mario Bros.
Green Koopa Troopa
A Green Koopa Paratroopa
Green Koopa Paratroopa
SMB Red Koopa Paratroopa Sprite.gif
Red Koopa Paratroopa
SMB Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Sprite.gif
Hammer Brother
1 pair

Level statistics[edit]

Feature Count Notes
A Coin from Super Mario Bros..
32 Up to 10 from one Coin Block, and 22 in open air, 16 of which are in the secret area.
Super Mushroom sprite from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
Magic Mushroom
1 Replaced by Fire Flowers if Mario is already Super Mario.
Fire Flower
Fire Flower
1 Replaces Magic Mushrooms if Mario is Super Mario.
A Starman from Super Mario Bros..
1 Hidden in a Brick Block.
SMBLL Poison Mushroom Sprite.png
Poison Mushroom
5 All five are hidden in Brick Blocks.
Secret Area 1 Entrance to the secret area is in the fourth pipe. Contains 16 coins. Exits out at the third pipe, earlier in the level.

Level map[edit]