World 6-4 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)

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World 6-4
SMAS LL World 6-4 Screenshot.png
World-Level World 6-4
World World 6
Game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Time limit 400 seconds
Boss Fake Bowser (Blooper)
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World 6-4 is the fourth and final level of World 6 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


Map of World 6-4 (Original)
Map of World 6-4 (All-Stars)

The player starts next to a small platform suspended over a pit of lava. After crossing the lava, the player will have to move through the correct paths ahead in order to progress through the level. In Super Mario All-Stars, if it is correct, a ding indicating so sounds; if wrong, a buzzer sounds. For the first path, the player has to jump over the pipe with a Piranha Plant and walk under the platform with a long Fire Bar. Walking under the hanging pipe with a Piranha Plant, the player then needs to defeat or avoid a Hammer Bro and jump up the platforms to reach the top path, moving to the end and avoiding the Fire Bars. Taking any other path will result in the player returning to the first pipe.

For the second puzzle, the player needs to take the lower path with the Piranha Plants, then jump across the platforms with Fire Bars. Using the downward moving lifts if needed, the player needs to then take the next bottom path, avoiding the Lava Bubble and long Fire Bar. Taking any other path will result in the player returning to the first pipe in this puzzle. After completing the puzzles, the player will have to avoid incoming Fire Breath as they jump across a large lava pit with a horizontally moving lift and jump over a pillar before reaching the Fake Bowser. This Fake Bowser throws hammers and also has a Lava Bubble jumping from below and a large Brick Block formation above, within which is a Coin Block.


Level statistics[edit]