World D-2

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World D-2
SMAS LL World D-2 Screenshot.png
World-Level World D-2
World World D
Game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Time limit 400 seconds
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World D-2 is the second level of World D in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


Map of World D-2 (original)
Map of World D-2 (All-Stars)

The player starts at the bottom of a flight of stairs, at the top of which is a Red Koopa Troopa the player can kick to defeat some enemies below. After a group of Koopa Paratroopas are some hanging pipes with Piranha Plants the player must avoid as they jump between small platforms. Next is a stack of Bill Blasters with Koopa Troopas falling above it. In the second-from-the-right Brick Block of the top row of Brick Blocks ahead is a Beanstalk that will take the player to Coin Heaven, which will drop the player at the end onto a platform with a Warp Pipe leading to an underground area with a power-up and some Coins, before looping around to just before the Brick Blocks. After a Springboard to help the player reach a high block over a pool of water is the Goal Pole.


Level statistics[edit]

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