World 5 (Super Mario Bros.)

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World 5
World Map
Game Super Mario Bros.
Level(s) 4
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World 5 is the fifth world of Super Mario Bros. World 5 introduces a new enemy, the Bullet Bill, along with the Turtle Cannon. This world features shorter time limits and harder levels. Levels, though, start to repeat from this world on, only with increased difficulty.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Summary
World 5-1 SMAS SMB World 5-1 Title Card.png The first level of World 5, this level introduces the Turtle Cannons and Bullet Bills.
World 5-2 SMAS SMB World 5-2 Title Card.png The second level of World 5, which has a Coin Heaven and an underwater sub-area.
World 5-3 SMAS SMB World 5-3 Title Card.png The third level of World 5, this level is similar to World 1-3, only with smaller moving platforms and Bullet Bills flying across the screen.
World 5-4 Preview for most castles from the Super Mario All-Stars versions of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. The last level of World 5 is, as with previous worlds, a castle level. This level is similar to World 2-4, only it features more and longer Fire-Bars and additional Podoboos are in this level as well.


Level maps[edit]