World 2-3 (Super Mario Bros.)

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World 2-3
SMB NES World 2-3 Screenshot.png
Level code World 2-3
World World 2
Game Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 2-3 is the third level of World 2 in Super Mario Bros. and the seventh level overall in said game.


World 2-3 is made up of long bridges the player must run and jump across while avoiding an endless array of jumping Cheep-cheeps. If the player is running, the Cheep-cheeps will usually jump up behind the player, though if the player is walking, they will jump from the front and there is a high chance of the player getting hit. The player also needs to jump across some small platforms that are placed in the second half of the stage. In the only ? Block is a power-up. If the player reaches the stone steps at the end, the Cheep-cheeps will stop jumping from below.

In Hard Mode, this level is a clone of World 7-3, and features Koopas.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe challenges[edit]

In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, the player can collect five Red Coins, find a hidden Yoshi Egg, and get a medal based on their score. The Yoshi Egg is found in a Hidden Block directly in the center of the second grass platform, and the score to beat is 23000. The Red Coin locations are:

  • Over the second bridge with the other coins
  • Just before the grass platform in the middle of the level, over the gap
  • On the edge of the low platform
  • Above the center small platform
  • On the ground next to the flagpole


Name Count
A sprite of a Cheep Cheep.
(infinitely spawned off screen from the bottom)

Level statistics[edit]

Feature Count Notes
A Coin from Super Mario Bros.
35 All the coins are found in open air. The player needs to collect all the coins in order to enable the hidden 1-Up in 3-1.
SMB Supermushroom.png
Magic Mushroom
1 Replaced by Fire Flowers if Mario is already Super Mario.
Fire Flower
Fire Flower
1 Replaces Magic Mushrooms if Mario is Super Mario.

Level map[edit]