World 4 (Mario Party: The Top 100)

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World 4
World 4 in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100
World World 4
Game Mario Party: The Top 100
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World 4 is the final world in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100. It is split into three sections: World 4-1, World 4-2, and World 4-3, and all of these sections are separated via Warp Pipes. The World returns to a linear format of proceeding minigames from World 1. The latter area of World 4-1 past the bridge contains snow/ice-themed minigames, World 4-2 contains mostly Special-type minigames, while World 4-3 contains lava-based minigames and the final minigame, The Final Battle!. When players beat The Final Battle!, they view the staff credits. Two minigames are worth four Mini Stars than the usual three: Badminton Bash and The Final Battle!. This world has 21 minigames.


World 4-1[edit]

World 4-2[edit]

World 4-3[edit]