World 3 (Mario Party: The Top 100)

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World 3
World 3 in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100
World World 3
Game Mario Party: The Top 100
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World 3 is the third world in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100 and it resembles a showroom with some large objects that relate to minigames. It is split into four sections: World 3-1, World 3-2, World 3-3, and World 3-4. World 3-1 is disconnected from the rest of the world, with the player being able to get access to both World 3-2 and World 3-3 via a Warp Pipe. World 3-4 contains only one minigame: Slot-Car Derby, where players compete against Toad prior to accessing the Warp Pipe to World 4. This the only time in Mario Party: The Top 100 where players can view and compete against Toad participating in a minigame. The world is notable for introducing a grid-like navigation of playing minigames rather than a linear, branching path of minigames, where players have more freedom in what minigame to play first. Prior to accessing World 4, players have to travel in the Warp Pipes in World 3-2 and World 3-3 to the linear, disjointed areas of the previous worlds, World 1 and World 2, to find switches that open the two-sectioned gate. Three minigames are worth four Mini Stars rather than three: Kareening Koopas, Button Mashers and Slot-Car Derby. It has a total of 31 minigames.


World 3-1[edit]

World 3-2[edit]

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World 3-4[edit]