Super Mario Tennis

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Super Mario Tennis

Super Mario Tennis is one of the four special games in Mario Tennis Open. The game plays like a tennis version of Super Mario Bros., with the player hitting the tennis ball at enemies, coins, power-ups, and Brick Blocks. The goal of the game is to get to the Flagpole at the end of each level by hitting it with the ball. There is a timer which can be raised by collecting coins and scoring points. Baby Mario can be unlocked by completing level 1-3 in this game. Additionally, a Wario costume can be unlocked by completing level 1-4 with at least 800 coins, and a Waluigi one can be unlocked by completing level 2-4 with at least 800 coins. This and the other levels of World 2 are only accessible by playing with another person via local multiplayer.

If the ball hits a Warp Pipe, the player will enter either a sub-area or a new level. Collecting a Super Mushroom gives the player the ability to break bricks for extra coins. Collecting a Fire Flower will make the ball shoot two fireballs that can defeat enemies and collect nearby coins. Collecting a 1-Up Mushroom gives the player an extra life. Finally, collecting a Super Star will turn every spot the player's ball hits into coins.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Super Mario Tennis -
Spanish Super Mario Tennis -