Ring Shot

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Ring Shot

Ring Shot is one of the four special games in Mario Tennis Open. It is very similar to Ring Shot from Mario Tennis. In the game, the player tries to hit the ball into rings, with the assistance of another character on the other side of the court. When rings are at their smallest, they are worth five points. Their point values decrease by one as the rings grow, until they get their largest and are worth one point. Hitting the ball into multiple rings in one stroke earns the player combo points. The level is completed if the player acquires a certain amount of points in a certain amount of time (this depends on the difficulty level). The rings are initially vertical and close to the net, but in the third and challenge levels, the rings are higher up and sometimes placed horizontally or slanted towards the player. Baby Peach can be unlocked by completing the third level in this game. Additionally, a Princess Peach costume can be unlocked by obtaining 800 points in Ring Shot Challenge, and a Daisy one can be unlocked by collecting 700 points in the same level, but with another player.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Défi anneaux Ring Challenge