Ice Flower Cup

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The Ice Flower Cup trophy.

The Ice Flower Cup is the second cup in the Star Open series debuting in the 3DS game Mario Tennis Open. It can be seen as the Star Open counterpart to the World Open Flower Cup, which is a Fire Flower instead. The Ice Flower Cup itself also has a slightly different design from the Flower Cup from that game. The stand for the cup is dark blue with a light blue diamond shape adorning the middle. The rims of the cup are also light blue. Behind the Ice Flower, there is a light blue snowflake-like shape.

Matches in this cup have one set for the starting round, three sets for the semifinals, and five sets for the finals. To unlock the cup, players must beat the 1-Up Mushroom Cup, the first cup of the series. The difficulty of the computer players in this cup is comparable to the later cups of the World Open series. The court that is used in this cup is Penguin Iceberg.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Copa Flor hielo
Ice Flower Cup