Wario Dunes

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Wario Dunes
Wario Dunes
Ball speed Slow
Bounce strength Weak
Appears in Mario Tennis Open

Wario Dunes is a sand court in Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS. It is set in a desert where cacti and an Egyptian pyramid can be seen in the background. There is another pyramid at the front of the court, similar to the one that appears in Wario Land 4. Unlit torches with their design taken from Super Mario Galaxy also appear. Red, Green, Blue and Pink Shy Guys surround the court. Wario Dunes is used for the Flower Cup tournament.

Wario Dunes is very similar to the Wario Court from Mario Tennis. Both are set in the desert and both are notable for having very low ball speed and bounce and feature a remix of the city stage theme from Wario Land 3 as background music.

In-game description[edit]

"A desert court surrounded by ancient ruins."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオデザート
Wario Dezāto
Wario Desert
Dutch Wario's Woestijn Wario's Desert
French Désert Wario Wario Desert
German Wario-Wüste Wario Desert
Italian Deserto di Wario Wario's Desert
Spanish Desierto de Wario Wario's Desert