Piranha Plant Forest

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Piranha Plant Forest
MTA Piranha Plant Forest.jpg
Ball speed Normal
Bounce strength Weak
Appears in Mario Tennis Aces

Piranha Plant Forest is a court in Mario Tennis Aces. It features Biddybuds as line judges and a Pink Yoshi sitting on a tree stump as the court's referee, as well as various Yoshis, Toads, Rabbits and a Goomba as spectators. The court's gimmick is three Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants that are located in the middle; the Piranha Plants go in and out of the pipes, and if a ball comes their way, they swallow it and spit it out on the opposite side of the court. Fire Piranha Plants (which have their Super Mario 3D Land color scheme) can also appear; if one catches a ball, it will fire a Zone Shot.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Piranha Plants will spit any balls they eat at the opponent's side of the court. Their appetite for tennis is truly unmatched!"

Adventure Mode[edit]

In Adventure Mode, Piranha Plant Forest is the second area visited. Mario and Toad come here searching for the first Power Stone. Upon arriving at the forest, Donkey Kong tells Mario and Toad that the forest is dangerous, and if they want to enter they need to show their tennis skills first by beating him. After that, Mario needs to defeat a horde of Piranha Plants by hitting them with their own fireballs. To obtain the Power Stone here, Mario must defeat Petey Piranha. This area also has two optional missions; one where Mario practices with Toad by rallying the ball until he reaches 200 points, and another one where Mario needs to hit the ball 20 times without missing or letting Spike hit it. Completing Spike's mission rewards Mario with the Wooden Racket.


Mission Location Description
Pipe Gripe
Piranha Plant Forest "Beat Donkey Kong while avoiding the Piranha Plants!"
Rally Challenge (Beginner)
Forest Practice Court "Keep rallying until you reach 200 points!"
Rapid Fire
Piranha Plant Habitat "Defeat 30 Piranha Plants within the time limit!"
Sure Shot Challenge (Beginner)
Forest Edge "Hit 20 shots past your opponent with fewer than three misses!"
Forest Monster
Ancient Altar "Defeat the boss of Piranha Plant Forest within the time limit!"
Battle Boat
Bay Ferry "Avoid the ship's mast and defeat the Koopa Troopa!"


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パックンフラワーの森
Pakkun Furawā no Mori
Piranha Plant Forest

Chinese 吞食花的森林
Tūnshíhuā De Sēnlín
Piranha Plant Forest

Italian Foresta delle Piante Piranha
Piranha Plant Forest
Spanish Bosque Piraña
Piranha Forest