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This article is about the move from Mario Tennis Aces. For Duck Hunt's standard special move in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Duck Hunt § Trick Shot.
Mario performs his Trick Shot.

The Trick Shot is a move introduced in Mario Tennis Aces. When used, it increases the player's energy significantly, but is a risky maneuver. If the player struggles, they may waste their energy, or lose a point. Each character has their forward/backward Trick Shot and their side Trick Shot.


There are two ways the player can perform the Trick Shot:

  1. Hitting the ball whilst using Right Stick.
  2. Pressing the Single Joy-Con Top Button/X Button twice whilst moving in the direction the player wants to go.

List of Trick Shots[edit]

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Character Side Trick Shot Forward/backward Trick Shot
Mario Vault: Mario jumps in the air doing a back flip. Hand Spin: Mario jumps backwards and does a 360-degree spin on his hand.
Luigi Slide: Luigi performs a baseball slide towards the ball. Racket Twirl: Luigi spins his racket and runs to the ball.
Wario Power Dive: Wario tumbles and slides on his side in the direction of the ball. Total Typhoon: Wario spins on his bottom in the direction of the ball.
Waluigi Moonwalk: Waluigi moonwalks. Twisted Jump: Waluigi jumps in front of the ball.
Peach Ribbon Fling: Peach runs to the side, and throws up her tennis racket. She performs a cartwheel, catching the tennis racket. Twirl: Peach steps forward/backward and performs a double-twirl.
Daisy Sabre: Daisy runs fast to the ball. Parry: Daisy floats to the ball.
Rosalina Satellite Swift: Rosalina floats and spins sideways towards the ball. Galaxy Warp: Rosalina teleports next to the ball.
Toad Toad Roll: Toad does a sideways flip. Toad Jump: Toad bounces on his head backwards.
Toadette Cheerful Skip: Toadette skips happily to the ball. Cutesy Turn: Toadette does a twirling jump.
Bowser Shell Spin: Bowser retracts into his shell and spins towards the ball, similar to Bowser's Defensive Power Shot (the Spinning Shell Dash) in Mario Power Tennis. Dive Bomb: Bowser makes a dive plunge to the ball.
Bowser Jr. Jet Boost: A rocket propeller appears under Bowser Jr.'s Junior Clown car to reach the ball more quickly. Wild Ride: Four wheels appear under Bowser Jr.'s Junior Clown Car, which spins on itself and goes sideways.
Boo Through It All: As a ghost, Boo goes through the floor (or ground) and reappears beneath the ball. Roundabout: Boo spins on himself both vertically and horizontally to reach the ball.
Yoshi Egg Roll: Yoshi hops into a Yoshi Egg and rolls towards the ball, then breaks out of the egg and hits the ball once he reaches it, similar to Yoshi's Defensive Power Shot (the Rolling Egg Return) in Mario Power Tennis. Spin Turn: Yoshi flips backwards.
Donkey Kong Ground Pound: DK jumps and does a double axe handle to hit the ball. Kong Roll: DK does a sommersault backwards and kicks the ball back with his foot.
Spike Flip Fly: Spike stumbles and jumps twice sideways to the ball. Somersault: Spike does a backwards somersault towards the ball.
Chain Chomp Side Whirl: Chain Chomp spins sideways towards the ball. Vertical Whirl: Chain Chomp jumps backwards while spinning its body.
Koopa Troopa Groundwork: Koopa Troopa retracts into his shell and spins on its back towards the ball, similar to his Defensive Power Shot (the Water Shell Dash) in Mario Power Tennis. Power Play: Koopa Troopa spins on the back of his shell in direction of the ball.
Blooper Surfin' Slider: Blooper makes a wave of water appear beneath his body and surfs on it sideways towards the ball. Lucky Leap: Blooper propels himself backwards by shooting water beneath his body.
Diddy Kong Diddy Roll: Diddy performs his signature cartwheel attack. Acrobatics: Diddy flips towards the ball, similar to the Monkey Flip from the Super Smash Bros. series.
Birdo Cheer Step: Birdo performs three hops while spinning. Perfect Pose: Birdo performs two hops while spinning and striking dance poses.
Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Boost: Paratroopa flies and spins sideways towards the ball. Roll Call: Paratroopa flies and plunges towards the ball.
Shy Guy Stumble Shot: Shy Guy trips and slides on his mask. Leap of Stress: Shy Guy jumps and spins.
Petey Piranha Flutter Fury: Petey Piranha uses his leaves to flap and fly to the ball. Spin 'n' Slap: Petey Piranha jumps and spins while flapping his leaves around him.
Luma Shooting Star Shot: Luma does several loops in the air. Dazzling Meteor: Luma zigzags in the air while flying erratically.
Boom Boom Twist 'n' Boom Boom Twirl
Pauline One-Up Girl Spin Stroke
Kamek Broom Dash: Kamek rides his broom to the ball. Wicked Warp: Kamek teleports to the ball.
Dry Bones Propeller Shot Scatter Shot
Fire Piranha Plant Fire-Ring Swing Surefire Shot
Dry Bowser Shell Spin Dive Bomb

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Frappe technique Technical shot