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Mario aiming a Zone Shot

The Zone Shot is a special move in Mario Tennis Aces. It allows the player to aim, then shoot the ball in a first-person perspective. This shot requires at least a third of energy; if the energy gauge appears yellow or green, the player can use the shot. Zone Shots are very fast and have the potential to inflict damage to the opponent's tennis racket, but only one third of it will get destroyed before it completely breaks. Zone Shots can be blocked with proper timing. Zone Speed can be used to slow down time, making reaching the ball and timing the block easier. Blocking a Zone Shot without Zone Speed will increase the player's energy gauge. Special Shots will automatically block Zone Shots.

Fire Piranha Plants will sometimes appear out of the pipes in Piranha Plant Forest instead of a regular Piranha Plant; if the ball is sent toward one, it will catch the ball and fire a Zone Shot at the opposing player. Enemies and bosses in Adventure Mode are also capable of using Zone Shots.


When using the Zone Shot, the player must press R Button or ZR Button to perform this shot, but the player must be inside a rotating star marker or serving; serves can be turned into zone shots. From there, the player can use Left Stick or the gyroscope to choose where they want to hit it. More energy will be depleted depending on how long the player takes to choose the location. The player can also perform a Zone Shot from a serve.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ねらいうち
Dutch Focusslag Focus shot
French (NOE) Frappe instinct Instinct shot
Italian Colpo intenso Intense shot
Spanish Disparo de zona Zone shot