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This article is about the Mario's Time Machine item in London circa 1843. For the item in London circa 1831 also called "Book", see Conversations on Chemistry.
Book in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

The Book is an item in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine. It is one of Charles Dickens' books, though which book specifically is left unmentioned. It is given to Mario by an orphan on the streets of London circa 1843 (after Mario travels back in time). The orphan mentions that he stole the book; despite Mario admonishing him for stealing it, Mario still takes it. He then brings it to a nearby banker, who says that he is only interested in reading one of Dickens' novels if it was given to him for free. Mario then gives the Book to him for free. In return, the banker gives Mario nothing, and continues to be grumpy until Mario badgers him to the point where the banker throws a Watch at him and tells him to leave.