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Data-based model render of a pterodactyl from Diddy Kong Racing
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)

The Pterodactyl is a prehistoric flying reptile.


Mario's Time Machine[edit]

The Pterodactyl in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine

Pterodactyls appear in the PC version of Mario's Time Machine. It appears if Mario enters an incorrect time or date into the Timulator, in which case he ends up in the Cretaceous Period. As soon as he arrives, the Pterodactyl begins launching eggs at him, and the only way for Mario to return to the present is by catching enough of them in a basket. The number of eggs that he needs to catch depends on the difficulty that the game is set at. Bullet Bills also attack Mario while he is catching them. After Mario catches enough eggs, he jumps onto the back of Yoshi, who runs back to the present.

Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

Pink Pterodactyls appear as airborne obstacles in Diddy Kong Racing, where they appear in Dino Domain courses. Due to being constantly in flight, they only pose an issue when flying a plane.