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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Snowball Valley
Location Snowflake Mountain
Balloon(s) required 6 (race)
14 (challenge)
Transportation Car, Hovercraft
Meet T.T 1:13.00
Beat T.T. 1:06.41
Notes There are large snowballs capable of crushing racers.
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Snowball Valley.PNG

Snowball Valley is an area in the Snowflake Mountain area of Timber Island in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake Diddy Kong Racing DS. The Wish Key to Snowflake Mountain is found in this level, just before the starting line.

There is a fork in the road at the beginning of this track. Going left grants a blue balloon and the other direction provides red and green balloons. Giant snowballs then roll around the mid part of the track and can flatten the racer to slow them down. Afterwords, the racer will go into and igloo and shortly after, cross the finish line. Also, throughout the course is icy roads that will cause the racer to bounce and have to gain speed again.

In the Nintendo DS remake, the track remains mostly unchanged. However, the key looks different than it does than in the original version. Also, the water is normal in the remake, unlike in the original, where it would cause cars to bounce off it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆきだるまランド
Yukidaruma Rando
Snowman Land
French Valle des Neiges Snow Valley