Star City

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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Star City
Location Future Fun Land
Balloon(s) required 42 (race)
46 (challenge)
Transportation Car, Hovercraft, Plane
Meet T.T (N64) 2:07.00
Beat T.T. 2:01.45
Notes The course takes place in a neon-lit city.
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Star City is an area in the Future Fun Land that appears in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.


At the start, the player will go into a rainbow-colored tunnel and onto a long, curved bridge. If the player falls off the bridge, they will have to go all the way around to get back on it. Otherwise, they meet a dead-end. At the end of the bridge, the player enters a building that leads to a city area full of of 90° corners, requiring tight handling to negotiate them. At end of the city area is a tunnel that leads back to the starting line.

In the Nintendo DS remake, the tunnel after the bridge if the player stayed on it has a different angle downwards to the city. Also, if the player falls off of the bridge, the dead-end is instead a small tunnel leading the racer to the city where a fork in the road is seen. The giant rings are replaced by a fountain, however they still appear during Balloon Pop Challenges.

Silver Coin locations[edit]

Like the other levels of Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS, Star City is filled with eight Silver Coins, scattered all around the area.

  • The first coin is just after the first Zipper, on the bridge.
  • The second coin is in the muddle of the track, just before the player enters the domed building.
  • The third coin is on the right side of the track, just as the city section starts.
  • The fourth coin is just before the first right hand turn in the city section.
  • The fifth coin is on a Zipper on the first left hand turn in the city section.
  • The sixth coin is just before a left hand turn in the city section.
  • The seventh coin is just before the final right hand turn in the city section.
  • The eighth coin is in the middle of the tunnel entrance out of the city section.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターシティ
Sutā Shiti
Star City
Spanish Ciudad Cometa Comet City
French Ville Lumiere Light City
German Sternenstadt (N64)
Star City (DS)
Star City
Italian Città Stellare Stellar City