Future Fun Land

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Future Fun Land
Future Fun Land.PNG
Greater location Outer Space
Capital n/a
Ruler Wizpig
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS

Future Fun Land is a planet featured in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake Diddy Kong Racing DS. It is the homeworld of Wizpig. Future Fun Land contains four unlockable tracks, which are unlocked once players defeat Wizpig in his first race. The background music for some of the courses here varies depending on which version the player is in; Star City shares its music with Spacedust Alley in the original while it has a new track in the DS version. Future Fun Land does not feature Challenge Levels, making it the only area without such levels.

To access it in Adventure Mode in Diddy Kong Racing, players need to have defeated Wizpig and won the Gold Trophies in the four Trophy Races, and then approach the sign on the beach. The lighthouse will then transform into a rocket, automatically transferring the player to Future Fun Land. Should the player return to Timber's Island and wishes to return to Future Fun Land, they need to drive onto a teleporter that is now where the lighthouse once stood.

Race tracks[edit]

Spacedust Alley[edit]

Main article: Spacedust Alley

Spacedust Alley is a course that takes place in a brightly-colored valley, where players travel through tunnels. Obstacles include horizontal lasers, palm trees, and stalagmites and stalactites. The track features a spaceship in the shape of Wizpig's head, which attempts to shoot down racers during one segment of the track. In Diddy Kong Racing DS, the background music that plays in the course is changed to Spaceport Alpha. The default vehicle for this course is the Plane.

Darkmoon Caverns[edit]

Main article: Darkmoon Caverns

Darkmoon Caverns takes place in an enclosed area, featuring many tunnels and craters. In segments of the course, spaceships shoot beams at particular locations, serving as obstacles. The most prominent feature of the course are two large loops at the end of the course, which function similarly to the loop in Walrus Cove. In the credits sequence, for the first time players beat Wizpig, the music from this course is the one that plays. This course is the only course in Future Fun Land where a plane cannot be operated in.

Spaceport Alpha[edit]

Main article: Spaceport Alpha

Spaceport Alpha has the players drive across narrow corridors. A section of a track has sharp vertical curves that make it tricky for planes to fly in, while cars get propelled upward via a fan. Near the end of a track, a barrage of lasers from many different turrets are shot, making this section a hazard for planes to cross. In Diddy Kong Racing DS, this track's music has been replaced with an original tune, with the original game's tune being moved to Spacedust Alley. The plane is the default vehicle for this course.

Star City[edit]

Main article: Star City

Star City is a metropolis in space. This is the only course that does not have lasers nor any obstacles of any sort, aside from the lamps in the city. The city itself features skyscrapers and 90° turns, making it trickier for cars and hovercrafts to navigate. The default vehicle for this course is the car.

Boss Battle: Wizpig[edit]

Banjo races against Wizpig
Main article: Wizpig Strikes Back

The boss of Future Fun Land is Wizpig, in the second time players race against him. This time, Wizpig rides on a missile rather than challenging racers on foot, so racers use their plane to face-off against him. Wizpig's course features asteroids, robots, laser blasts, and electric fences as their stage hazards. Once players beat Wizpig, they unlock Adventure 2, a new mode that mirrors courses and has different Silver Coin locations.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フューチャーゾーン
Fyūchā Zōn
Future Zone
Spanish Futurolandia Futureland
French Parc du Futur Future Park