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Artwork of Fútbot from Mario Strikers: Battle League
First appearance Mario Strikers: Battle League (2022)

Fútbot is a supporting character in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Its name originates from "fútbol" (Spanish for "football") and "robot". Fútbot is a robotic character that has blue lights, a metallic body, and a "GSF" emblem. It serves as an assistant and instructor for the Galactic Strikers Federation, as well as instructor in the training mode, where it provides information about the various moves and functions the player can perform.


  • "Hello and welcome to the exciting, competitive world of Strike! My name is Fútbot. I'm an assistant and instructor with the Galactic Strikers Federation, or GSF for short."
  • "Hello! Fútbot here. Welcome to my class on basic movement and shooting!"
  • "The GSF has asked me to instruct you on the basics of Strike. I'm here to teach you everything you'll need to know to succeed on the field."
  • "Master all of my lessons, and I have no doubt you'll be a top-shelf Striker! Just remember to take your time as you learn the controls. And of course it goes without saying, but practice always makes perfect! Ready to begin?"
  • "We'll start with basic movement controls. Your character can be moved with Left Stick."
  • "The one with the number above their head is the one you're controlling. Go ahead and try moving your character around!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フットボット[1]

Chinese 福特巴多
Transliteration of the Japanese name

Italian Fútbot
Spanish Fútbot