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A Hyper Strike is a type of special move in Mario Strikers: Battle League. It acts as the game's special move, similar to the Super Strikes and Mega Strikes from Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged respectively, though unlike those moves, each Hyper Strike has different properties in gameplay, rather than just aesthetic differences, making them comparable to the Special Shots in Mario Sports Mix. In order to use a Hyper Strike, the player first needs to collect a Strike Orb which occasionally appears on the field. Once it is collected, the player can activate it. When a Hyper Strike is activated, the visuals are briefly switched into a cel-shaded, comic book-like style as the characters perform their action. Right before they are about to shoot the ball, three freeze-frames of them are shown, with the third one showing a close-up of their eyes covered in flames of a different color. Activating it is very similar to the Mega Strike's activation process, where timing the white bar with the teal section of the meter will yield a stronger Hyper Strike. Like the Super Strike, Hyper Strikes grant two points instead of one if they score.

When the opposing team uses their Hyper Strike, the player can control their Boom Boom goalie to attempt to stop it by repeatedly pressing A Button, though this is harder with more well-timed Hyper Strikes, and a goal is outright guaranteed if the white bar is stopped on the teal section on both sides. [1]

List of Hyper Strikes[edit]

Mario's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Fire Cyclone[2] Mario kicks the ball high into the air and jumps after it. He then flips and performs a bicycle kick with the ball towards the goal. The ball is sent spiraling while covered in flames, burning anyone who is in the way.[3]
Luigi's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Spin Tornado[2] Luigi tosses the ball up and in front of him with his feet. After spinning around, he kicks the ball forward, with his kick causing the ball to start spinning around, creating a tornado. Opposing players that are too close to the tornado will be sucked in and thrown into the sky, allowing for the ball to be shot into the goal without any possible disruptions.[3]
MBowser's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Flame Cannon[2] Bowser picks up the ball with his hand and breathes fire on it. He then throws the fire-covered ball straight at the goal, burning anyone in the way.[3]
Peach's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Dance of Hearts[2] Peach does a cartwheel while picking the ball up with her legs. She tosses it in the air, catches it, and rolls it along her arms before tossing it, now glowing pink, upwards. She then does a short jump upwards and kicks the ball, which travels in a heart-shaped pattern before heading for the goal, and any opponents that are in the ball's way will end up in a love trance, leaving them unable to stop the ball.[3] If Boom Boom fails to stop the ball, rather than just going through him, he will end up in the love trance and manually roll the ball into the goal himself, giving Peach the points.
Rosalina's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Orbital Burst[2] Rosalina kicks the ball so high that it manages to reach a soccer ball-shaped planet, orbit around it once, and begin coming back to her in the form of an icy comet. When the comet-shaped ball returns to Rosalina, she kicks it, causing a large wave of ice to freeze anyone that is too close to her while the ball goes into the goal.[3]
Toad's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Drill Smash[2] Toad kicks the ball into the air, and four other Toads will appear next to him and toss him into the air. The playable Toad then headbutts the ball into the ground, where it will burrow underground until it reappears in front of the opposing team's goalie.[3]
Yoshi's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Egg Stomp[2] Yoshi eats the ball and lays it as a giant egg. He then kicks the egg upwards and flutter jumps after it, and then does a Ground Pound on the egg, which will cause it to begin bouncing around the field at random locations, knocking away anyone it hits. After bouncing around a few times, the ball will break free from the egg before shooting itself towards the goal.[3]
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Banana Blast[2] Donkey Kong, while holding the ball in one hand, takes out a banana with the other and eats it all in one bite. He then throws the ball in the air and jumps after it. At the peak of the jump, he slams the ball down with his palm, causing a large shockwave that knocks other players around and sending the ball downwards towards the goal in a banana-shaped arch.[3]
Wario's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Electric Ricochet[2] Wario tosses the ball in front of him, and shakes his rear end at it. He then backflips into the air, and lands on the ball with his rear end, causing it to rapidly bounce off the walls while covered in electricity, knocking out anyone that gets in its way.[3]
Waluigi's Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Thorn Barrier[2] Waluigi kicks the ball up and puts a rose in his mouth. The ball then lands on Waluigi's chest before going to his knee, foot, and sliding along his arms. When Waluigi kicks the ball forward, it begins moving in a curved pattern. Anyone that touches the ball as it travels to the goal will be entangled in vines and thorns, rendering them unable to move.[3]


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