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This article is about the power-based shot in Super Mario Strikers. For the volatile status effect in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story also known as "Super Strike", see KO.
A perfect Super Strike allows to the player to watch a momentary 360 degrees view of the character's Strike.

A Super Strike is a powerful soccer shot that only captains can perform in Super Mario Strikers and is worth two points, instead of one. By pressing B Button, players can attempt to land two white needles on a thin dark green area, which is surrounded by thicker, lighter green bands. Once the first needle lands on the dark green area If pulled off perfectly, the strike becomes unstoppable, powerful enough to knock the goalie into the goal and instantly score. The Super Strike can still be successful if the timing is flawed; if the second white needle lands adjacent to the second dark green zone, the Kritter will miss blocking the Super Strike, and the captain scores. If the Super Strike's timing is not perfect, Kritters can deflect Super Strikes back at the shooter, which can harm the shooter and possibly push the shooter into an electric rail, or be momentarily stunned. Super Strikes do not appear in in Mario Strikers Charged. Instead, Mario Strikers Charged introduces a new kind of Super Strike called Mega Strike. Mega Strikes are more powerful Super Strikes in the game that can be worth up to six goals.


Mario - Fire Strike[edit]

Mario does his Super Strike

Fire Strike is a Super Strike that Mario has the ability to perform. Mario kicks the soccer ball to the air and jumps. Then he makes a pose and a fire halo appears around him. Mario then kicks the ball with force, turning it into a fireball that goes straight to the target, the goal.

If Mario does a perfect strike, part of the anthem from the Super Mario Strikers's intro movie can be heard when Mario is already kicking the ball.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーストライク
Faiā Sutoraiku
Fire Strike
French Frappe de feu Fire Strike
Italian Tiro di Fuoco Fire Shot
Spanish (NOE) Trallazo de Fuego Fire Strike

Luigi - Vicious Vortex[edit]

The strike

Vicious Vortex is Luigi's Super Strike. Luigi hops in the air and then he makes a karate pose while is surrounded by a bright green vortex in the background. Luigi then kicks the ball fiercely into the goal, turning it into a green fireball that goes straight to the target, the goal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリーントルネード
Gurīn Torunēdo
Green Tornado
French Vortex infernal (Infernal vortex)
Italian Tiro Vorticoso Vortex Shot
Spanish Disparo Fraterno Brotherly Shot

Wario - Belly Blast[edit]

Wario surrounded by thunder

Belly Blast is Wario's Super Strike. Wario hops to the air and stretches his arm while the background becomes purple and lightnings surround him. Wario uses his stomach then to shoot the soccer ball towards the goal leaving a trail of electricity contained on the ball.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エレキブラスト
Ereki Burasuto
Electric Blast
French Explosion de bidon Belly Strike
Italian Panciata Belly Flop
Spanish (NOE) Barrigazo Perverso Mean Belly Strike

Waluigi - Drop Rocket[edit]

Waluigi performing the Drop Rocket

Drop Rocket is Waluigi's Super Strike. After kicking the ball into the air, Waluigi makes a karate pose while he is surrounded by a purple nebulous halo. He then kicks the ball with both of his feet and then retreats while the ball bolts to the goal leaving behind a nebulous trail.

The Super Team does a Super Strike that is similar to the Drop Rocket, since the Robotic Nightmare is modeled after Waluigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パープルフレア
Pāpuru Furea
Purple Flare
French Tir fusée Rocket shot
Italian Razzo Spiovente Sloping Rocket
Spanish (NOE) Verdugazo Siniestro Evil Punishment

Princess Peach - Royal Strike[edit]

Peach performing the Royal Strike

Royal Strike is Peach's Super Strike. After charging, the screen is surrounded by a pink and light blue halo where Peach fires out the ball toward the goal. During the strike she drill-kicks the ball which marks the ball with a heart-shaped trail.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハートフルスマッシュ
Hātofuru Sumasshu
Heartful Smash
French Frappe royale Royal strike
Italian Tiro Reale Royal Shot
Spanish (NOE) Toque Real Royal Touch

Princess Daisy - Torpedo Strike[edit]

Daisy's Torpedo Strike

Torpedo Strike is Daisy's Super Strike. She will kick the ball high in the air, surrounded by an orange and yellow dahlia-like shape halo, where she fires out the ball toward the goal dizzying the goalkeeper.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワーバースト
Furawā Bāsuto
Flower Burst
French Frappe torpille Torpedo strike
Italian Fiore Fiamma Flower of Flame
Spanish Cañonazo Cariñoso Cuddle Cannon

Donkey Kong - Power Fist Strike[edit]

Sprites fall on DK's hands to perform his Super Strike

Power Fist Strike is Donkey Kong's Super Strike. After charging, the screen is surrounded by a green and yellow lightnings or sprites halo, which Donkey Kong makes an electrical strike to the goalkeeper. His kicking style is punching the ball with anger.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンダークラッシュ
Sandā Kurasshu
Thunder Crash
French Poings Kong Kong fists
Italian Colpo di Pugno Fist Strike
Spanish (NOE) Puñetazo Salvaje Wild Punch

Yoshi - Foot of Fury[edit]

The strike

Foot of Fury is Yoshi's Super Strike. Yoshi kicks the ball in the air and jumps with it. Yoshi then is surrounded by yellow and green sparks and rings and then kicks the soccer ball with energy. The ball releases a rain of sparks behind when shot towards the goal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スモーキークラスター
Sumōkī Kurasutā
Smokey Cluster
French Tir du dragon Dragon's shot
Italian Tiro Furioso Furious Shot
Spanish (NOE) Patadon Furibundo Furious Kick

Super Team - Robo-Strike[edit]

A Robotic Nightmare, performing the Robo-Strike

The Robo-Strike is a conjectural term used to describe the unnamed Super Strike of all of the members of the Super Team. The strike looks similar to Waluigi's, and can be executed by any member of the Super Team, since the team has no captain. To pull off the strike, the Robotic Nightmare kicks the ball into the air and then surrounds itself with a yellow ring. Once the ring transforms into a circle, the robot kicks the ball into the goal.


  • In early versions of Super Mario Strikers game, sidekicks could perform Super Strikes as well.