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A lot of mergeing[edit]

Main page proposal failed

I say we merge all the Super Strikes into the Super Strike article because all of the Super Strikes are stubs and what are the chances of them appearing in another game? And another reason is that all the Mega Strikes are in the Mega Strike article.

Proposer: Zero777 (talk)
Deadline: 6 August, 2010, 24:00


  1. Zero777 (talk) I am Zero! Hey to avoid stubs and per proposal. Zero signing out.
  2. Ratfink43 (talk) All the megastrikes are merged into Mega Strike Right?
  3. Booderdash (talk) per ratfink, Mega strikes are almost exactly like Super strikes.
  4. Mario4Ever (talk) Per all.



Thats ridiculous KS3. Why would we merge it into the CHARACTER article? Booderdash (talk)

Because the Smash bros attacks are in the character articles too. KS3 (talk · contribute) 21:37, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

Really I'm not sure to merge them in the characters' article - consider that merge SSB moves was a separated case. I still consider to keep them on their own. ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

But nearly everything else hasn't (mario power tennis power shots, Superstar baseball shots etc.) 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

The characters megastrikes are all merged into the Mega Strike article, so why not do this to the Super Strikes? Ratfink43

Then why don't you make a proposal to merge all the shots into their respective articles? KS3 (talk · contribute)

Into their respecive CHARCTER articles or their respecitve page articles ie all Power Shots into Power Shot? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Maybe into Power Shot? KS3 (talk · contribute)

Wasn't it already like that? 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

It's not merged. I was thinking about merging all Offensive Power Shots into the Offensive Power Shot article and merging all the Defensive Power Shots in the Defensive Power Shot article, etc. Or we merge all the Power Shots from Mario Power Tennis into one article. And why should we merge all the Power Shots in the character article? Wouldn't that make them harder to find and compare? Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:15, 26 July 2010 (UTC)
Exactly. 22360415-149x149-0-0 ++The+SpongeBob+SquarePants+Movie.jpg Boo der dash 180px-MaskedDedede.png

Light green area[edit]

Is it just me or do some of the light green bands in the Super Strike meters look smaller for each captain?

Like Wario and DK's light green bands look much smaller than Peach's.[1]

ROBSSB4.pngRemembered Old BuddyROBSSB4EN.png 01:25, 29 August 2017 (EDT)