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One Mario Superstar Baseball's Power Shots, the Red Fireball.

Power Shots are used in games such as Mario Power Tennis and Mario Superstar Baseball. They are used offensively and defensively to help the player.

In Mario Power Tennis, there are two types of Power Shots; Offensive Power Shots and Defensive Power Shots. All players have their own distinctive power shots. The offensive power shot is used when the ball is near the player. These come with special effects to confuse the opponent(s). Defensive shots are used when the ball is out of the player's reach. These shots are very helpful by returning shots that couldn't normally be saved. In fact, Defensive Power Shots can also negate the added effects from Offensive Power Shots.

Power Shots are also a prominent feature in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, where part of the game's story revolves around the player and other characters in the game's RPG mode developing Power Shots. Power Shots can be earned by completing minigames at the Tennis Academy Training Center, and the player can then assign any offensive or defensive Power Shot available to them, to Ace or to Clay. Additionally, there is a Power Shot under the name Power Shot in the game.

In Mario Superstar Baseball, power shots are used in pitching and batting. If the pitcher uses one, he or she will throw the ball, causing various things to happen to it and making it hard for the batter to hit the ball. If the batter uses it, he or she will hit the ball, causing various things to happen to it and making it hard for fielders to catch. In Mario Super Sluggers they were most likely replaced by Star Swings and Star Pitches.

Power Shots also appear in the Mario Golf series as stronger versions of regular shots. There is a meter that decreases if shots are made that don't have full power. When characters execute perfect power shots, special effects may happen, such as the balls of Mario, Shadow Mario, and Bowser being cloaked in red, blue, and dark flames respectively, and Yoshi's and Birdo's balls leaving a rainbow streak. In Mario Golf: World Tour, since the number of holes to play can be adjusted, the number on the Power Shot meter is equivalent to the number of holes being played divided by three.