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Daisy is daisy!

Status: Officially retired. Thanks fellows for the good times around here, bye.
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My Curriculum 4.0
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Puzzle Completed

Well, again I had to make another curriculum, since the wiki was updated - though who cares?

Yo! I'm ©oin¢ollector, a designer, illustrator, interested in animals, graphic design, and of course, a Nintendo gamer, and a happy user of the Mariowiki.

My native language is spanish. I'm from Colombia (duh), but I like to learn english as well, and there's nothing better to learn this going here on a wiki that talk about your favorite things :]

I served the wiki for four years -I think- and currently I'm retired, due to other works in real life I have to do from now, but before I was Administrator and Bureaucrat, able to keep the wiki and being a nightmare for vandals that come to screw around here. As sysop (and Crat), feel free to tell something on my talk page that you cannot do, but I can do or fix up - But not abuse, lol.

Enough about me, let's talk about who am I...

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. First article I saw: Peach Well, this was the first article I saw in this wiki. My life changed when I saw the link from Wikipedia.

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. My fave character: Daisy. I first chose her in Mario Party 3, then I liked choosing from many games, usually by her strenght and agility.

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. Another fave character: Dry Bones. *Cakles* not a bad guy, very funny when he breaks up his skull in pieces.

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. Another fave character 2: Rosalina. Rosie... uhmmm... C'mon Nintendo! A girl like this deserves to be in more Mario games...!

Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy. My fave character from other series: Kirby This pink ball, so simple, so powerful... something else to say?

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Name Coincollector
Real Name Coincollector
Age Older than you can imagine
Gender Genderless
Species Once upon a time a Dry Bones, Admin and Booreaucrat
Affiliation Kremling's Kutlasses Kompany

None in mind

Princess Daisy icon for Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Daisy icon.gif
Daisy jersey.PNG
Artwork of a Spiny Shell, from Mario Kart Wii.
Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gif
Rosalina Athletic.png
Artwork of Funky Kong from DK: King of Swing
She is cool
Artwork of Princess Daisy from Itadaki Street DS
She is cute
Super Mario Strikers artwork: Princess Daisy
She is hot
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