Mt. Minigames

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“Embark on a journey to Mt. Minigames!”
Toad, Mario Party Superstars
The boat to Mt. Minigames in Mario Party Superstars
The boat to Mt. Minigames in Mario Party Superstars

Mt. Minigames is a location in Mario Party Superstars located outside of the Village Square and serves as the setting for the game's minigame mode. Characters travel there from the Village Square by boat, operated by a green Toad (replacing the raft to Mini-Game Island in the original Mario Party), where the player can play the game's 100 minigames in Free Play, Tag Match, Trio Challenge, Coin Battle, Sports and Puzzles, Daily Challenge, or Survival mode.

Free Play[edit]

Players can play freely between the 100 minigames. The minigames are categorized into Free-for-All, 1v3, 2v2, Duel, Coin, Sports, and Puzzles, as well as High-Score minigames which repeat. Players have the option to favorite them. When completing a minigame in Free Play mode, players have the option to choose a random minigame, play it again, choose another one, select a different Mt. Minigames course, enter Mario Party mode, or return to the Village Square. Toad leads the characters into the Free Play area.

Tag Match[edit]

For the first round, Koopa Paratroopa spins a roulette wheel. For the next few rounds, a member from the losing team chooses the next minigame. If a tie occurs for any reason, a player from the team with fewer stars chooses the minigame. The variety of minigames does not include coin minigames.

Trio Challenge[edit]

When a new game is started, Trio Challenge will start from Stage 1. Kamek hosts this mode. For the next few stages, Kamek will send (a) stronger foe(s) per stage. Toad and the crowd cheer if the team or solo player completes a stage. If they quit, the crowd all sags in dismay, and the players look at the results.

Coin Battle[edit]

Lakitu hosts this mode. Free-for-all minigames are mostly played. Sometimes, coin minigames, 1v3 or 2v2 minigames occur. Lakitu will announce if there is a tie after the first minigame. After Free-for-All minigames, coins are awarded according to the rank of the players: 10 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and none for last.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニゲームマウンテン
Minigēmu Maunten
Minigame Mountain