Double Trouble (mission)

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Double Trouble
King Boo appearing behind Luigi in the mission Double Trouble.
King Boo, mocking Luigi in the entrance
Location Treacherous Mansion
Mission # 2
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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Double Trouble, or E-2, is the second mission of the Treacherous Mansion in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. This is the only mission in the game that has two Toads to save at once.


Luigi rescuing the second Toad.

Professor E. Gadd tells Luigi that the paranormal signals in the Treacherous Mansion are getting stronger and that the Parascope will never be able to find the Dark Moon piece with the mansion in this state. He explains to Luigi that the Treacherous Mansion houses many valuable artifacts from Evershade Valley and beyond, and that he hired two Toad assistants (but only remembering that he hired one) to look after the exhibits. E. Gadd explains that he is worried about the safety of his Toad assistant and that he hopes that he knows something about the Dark Moon piece in that area. He sends Luigi to the front door in the Veranda of the Treacherous Mansion.

Luigi peers through the keyhole of the front door and confidently unlocks it. He opens the door to find total darkness, with not even his flashlight lighting it up. Luigi turns around and King Boo suddenly appears behind Luigi, vanishing into the darkness and clearing it as Luigi turns around again. Luigi walks into the now light Front Entrance of the Treacherous Mansion with the doors closing behind him.

One of the Toad assistants Luigi has to save is located in the Jungle Exhibit. When Luigi tries to recover Toad from his painting, he gets attacked by two Strong Greenies carrying spears and a Flytrap blocks the way to the Toad painting so Luigi has to defeat the plant before he can rescue the Toad here.

To defeat the Flytrap, Luigi opens the E-Gate in the Jungle Exhibit and goes to the Dark Age Exhibit, and opens the E-Gate there by looking into the chest in the west side and placing the red book found inside the chest into the red bookcase in the back left. He looks into the iron maiden in this area to find and capture a Strong Greenie and two Strong Hiders. A bucket also comes out. Luigi grabs the bucket and takes it to the Jungle Exhibit using the E-Gates. There, he fills it with water and waters the plant in the back to produce a spiky fruit to defeat the Flytrap with. Luigi defeats the plant and saves the green Toad assistant. The Toad tells Luigi that he is happy to see him and that there is another Toad assistant that he also must save.

The second Toad assistant is located in the Ice Age Exhibit. On his way to the Ice Age Exhibit, Luigi gets attacked by two Strong Sneakers. He captures them and enters the Ice Age Exhibit where he can see the second Toad painting trapped behind ice. To rescue him, Luigi first goes to the Ancient Exhibit. In the Ancient Exhibit, Luigi uses the Strobulb to flash at the statue's eyes, which causes the sand level to lower. When it reaches the bottom, Luigi pulls a part of the statue off, revealing the E-Gate, however, when he does this, he gets attacked by four Strong Greenies dressed as mummies. Luigi defeats them and activates the E-Gate.

To rescue the second Toad assistant, Luigi returns to the Jungle Exhibit to get a log, then to the Ancient Exhibit to set the log on fire. Then Luigi takes the burning Log to the Ice Age Exhibit to melt the ice blocking his way to the second Toad assistant. After he frees the second Toad (which is purple), Luigi gets a call from Professor E. Gadd on the Dual Scream. E. Gadd tells him to go to the Inner Courtyard and send both the Toads back to the Bunker. On the way out of the Ice Age Exhibit, Luigi gets attacked by three Strong Greenies, but were no match for him.

At the Inner Courtyard, Luigi has to throw the Toads into the cages on the structure to reveal parts that Luigi must use the Strobulb on. When he does this, a Boo, Boopa Troopa, uses Spirit Balls to make the Statue invisible and also calls in three Strong Sneakers. When they are all defeated, Luigi makes the Statue visible again and, again, shoots the Toads up into the cages and flashes on the mechanism. When activated, the statue moves backwards and a staircase rises from the ground. Luigi and the Toads travel up this staircase to the Pixelator and they all get Pixelated back.


Mission Goals:
Search the main floor of the Treacherous Mansion for the Toad assistant, and bring him back to the Bunker.

It turns out E. Gadd assigned two Toad assistants to take care of the exhibits. Find the other Toad, and send both Toads back to the Bunker.

  • Find and rescue the Toad assistant.
  • Rescue the Toad in the Ice Age Exhibit/Jungle Exhibit. (Depends on which Toad is rescued first)
  • Send both Toads to the Bunker.

Boo location[edit]

In the Inner Courtyard when the mechanism is activated, the Boo, Boopa Troopa, will appear. This Boo is compulsory in clearing the mission.


I assigned a Toad assistant to take care of the valuable exhibits in the Treacherous Mansion. Let's find him. He may know a thing or two about the Dark Moon piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダブルトラブルじゃ!
Daburu Toraburu ja!
Double Trouble!
Chinese 双重危机! (Simplified)
Shuāngchóng wéijī!
雙重險境! (Traditional)
Shuāngchóng xiǎn jìng!
Double Trouble!
Dutch Dubbel zo dapper Double as Brave
French Toad en détresse Toad in Distress
German Doppeltes Dilemma Double Dilemma
Italian Due problemi in uno Two Problems in One
Portuguese (NOE) Sarilho Duplo Double Trouble
Russian Две неприятности
Dve nepriyatnosti
Two Troubles
Spanish Problemas a pares Problems in Pairs