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Artwork of Bowser using the Goomba Storm Special Attack.
M&LBIS Brawl Attack Command Block.png

Brawl Attacks, originally called Special Attacks, are special moves that only appear in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its 3DS remake, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey. Bowser is able to use these, with each Brawl Attack using a certain amount of Brawl Points (shortened to BP; known as Special Points/SP in the original). Brawl Attacks even have a menu section in the star menu, where the player can watch demos and practice the attacks just like the Bros. Attacks Mario and Luigi can use.

Bowser has a total of six Brawl Attacks that he gathers throughout the game. Like Mario and Luigi, Bowser has to unlock them in many areas of the game, though they are unlocked in a different way. To unlock these type of attacks for Bowser to use, the player must liberate Bowser's loyal, non-brainwashed troops. The player finds them in cages all around the Mushroom Kingdom. Out of the six, five of them would be found inside one of the cages. The last one is when the player collects all fifteen Blitties from enemies through the Vacuum Block. Unlike Mario and Luigi's Bros. Attacks, which use A Button and B Button respectively, Bowser's Brawl Attacks use Stylus and the Touch Screen.

List of Brawl Attacks[edit]

All six of Bowser's Brawl Attacks are shown in the table below (Note: when using an attack with the Economy Ring, the SP / BP cost is halved):

Brawl Attack Illustration Description SP BP Location
Goomba Storm
Goomba storm.png Touch each Goomba to fire him up! Flaming Goombas cause more damage!
Target: One enemy. Effect: BURN.
6 Dimble Wood (after rescuing the Goomba corps)
Shy Guy Squad
Shy Guy Squad.PNG ←Quickly slide the stylus repeatedly left. Roll Bowser far back for more damage!
Target: One enemy. Effect: None.
8 Bowser Path (after rescuing the Shy Guy corps)
Koopa Corps
Koopa Corps.PNG Slide the stylus to move Bowser up and down and repel the Koopa Shells!
Target: Random. Effect: None.
10 14 Blubble Lake (after rescuing the Koopa unit)
Bob-omb Blitz
Bob-omb Blitz.PNG Slide the Bob-ombs into place fast! Line up with your foe and charge!
Target: Adjustable Effect: DIZZY.
12 18 Bowser Castle (after rescuing the Bob-omb squad)
Magikoopa Mob
Magikoopa Mob.PNG Quickly trace the Magikoopa's formation! Bowser's power boosts your magic!
Target: Random. Effect: BURN.
15 24 Peach's Castle (after rescuing the Magikoopa corps)
Broggy Bonker
Broggy Bonker.PNG Scrub all the dirt off that filthy Broggy! Scrub him until he's clean!
Target: One enemy. Effect: DIZZY.
20 28 Broque Monsieur's Shop (after collecting all fifteen Blitties)


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  • The top screen of Bowser's tutorials always show a lollipop-less Chuboomba being defeated by the acquired Brawl Attack. However, in normal battle conditions, Chuboombas flee once the lollipop is removed. This was changed in the remake.