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A Mini Mario and a Gold Mini Mario on a Swing Bar in Room 5-7

Swing Bars, also parsed as swing bars[1] and known generically as metal bars[2], are objects found in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. If a Mini jumps or falls onto a Swing Bar, it will grab onto it. The player can slide the Stylus stylus left or right across a Mini to move it across the Swing Bar, or slide the stylus down on a Mini to remove it from the Swing Bar.

Some Swing Bars have a handle[1][2] on their side. If a Swing Bar has a handle on its side, the player can use the stylus to swipe down on the handle, causing any Minis on the Swing Bar to start spinning. The Swing Bar builds up rotation speed depending on how quickly and repeatedly the player rotates its handle. A Swing Bar's rotation speed can be visually discerned by how quickly the Minis and the handle are spinning. If the player slides up on a Mini with the stylus while the Swing Bar is rotating, the Mini will be sent flying up a certain height depending on the Swing Bar's rotation speed. If a Swing Bar's handle is not being rotated by the player, its rotation speed slowly diminishes.


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