Special Kit 1

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Special Kit 1's template level in the Construction Zone, featuring Color Switches, sliding doors, and a Warp Pipe
The screen shown when unlocking Special Kit 1

Special Kit 1 is a construction kit for the Construction Zone in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. It is the first Special Kit in the game, preceding Special Kit 2 and Special Kit 3. It is unlocked after reaching the goal score for Shy Guy Smash! in Mushroom Mayhem, Tropical Island, and Pipe Works, and includes level elements from those floors.

Levels created in Special Kit 1 use Mini Toads instead of Mini Marios. The music played in these levels is a unique remix of the themes used in Mushroom Mayhem, with several instruments shifted up by one octave.

Level elements[edit]

Left column of Confirmation Menu[edit]

Right column of Confirmation Menu[edit]