Whose Show Is This Anyway?!!

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Wario: Master of Disguise episode
Whose Show Is This Anyway?!!
Wario stealing Goodstyle in the first episode of Wario: Master of Disguise.
Location S.S. Caviar
Boss Mad Hat Mk. I
Key items None
Guise/Mastery Gems Cosmic Guise Gem
Title card
Episode 1
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“Whadda entrance! And for my big break in TV, too! It worked! I'm a genius! I'm on that dork's show! Hey, and ain't THAT extra-lucky! That Silver Heifer guy dropped his wand!”
Wario, Wario: Master of Disguise

Whose Show Is This Anyway?!! is the first episode of Wario: Master of Disguise. The episode begins immediately after Wario enters the television using his newly-invented Telmet. It takes place on the S.S. Caviar, a ship that Count Cannoli was about to rob under the guise of his alter ego, the Silver Zephyr.


The episode begins on the dock outside the S.S. Caviar. Wario falls from the sky and lands directly on the Silver Zephyr, causing him to drop his wand, Goodstyle. Upon dropping Goodstyle, the Silver Zephyr loses his disguise and becomes his original self, Count Cannoli. Wario goes to pick up Goodstyle as Cannoli slowly recovers from the collision. Not knowing the powers of the wand, Wario waves it in protest to Cannoli's commands to return it. Waving the wand activates Goodstyle and causes him to tell Wario that he is its new master. Goodstyle teaches Wario how to become Thief Wario, giving Wario his first disguise of the game. Wario, realizing his new role as a thief, calls himself the "Purple Wind."

After many failed attempts at reclaiming his wand, Cannoli summons his battle machine, Mad Hat Mk. I, in an attempt to take Wario down. After Wario destroys it, Cannoli offers to help Wario get treasure if he returns Goodstyle to him. Wario accepts the deal.


Count Cannoli confronting Wario in the first episode of Wario: Master of Disguise.
Count Cannoli confronting Wario about stealing his wand

The episode's gameplay picks up on the dock. Wario must run right to enter the ship. Inside the ship, Wario encounters a staircase with a green treasure chest. Wario approaches the chest and Goodstyle tells him that these chests hold Guise Gems, which Goodstyle eats in order to give Wario new disguises. When the chest is opened, a mini-game commences. Completing this mini-game awards Wario with a Cosmic Guise Gem, which allows him to transform into Cosmic Wario. Wario continues to the next room on the right, where Count Cannoli demands Goodstyle back. Wario runs away and returns to the room to find the count gone. Above Wario is a laser switch. When shot by Cosmic Wario, a red chest containing the I Love You Lunchbox drops from the ceiling. There are two blocks to the right that Thief Wario must jump over in order to progress. In the next room, there is a purple treasure chest on the ground and a platform with a money bag held by two cables. The chest rewards Wario with the S.S. Caviar's map upon completing a mini-game. This shows all of the rooms of the ship on the top screen's map.

Count Cannoli also follows Wario from this point on. If he runs into Wario, Wario is forced to reenter the current room he is in. However, the cash and rewards he obtained are still in his loot. Cannoli can be avoided by jumping over him as Thief Wario. There is another suspended platform to the right with a Munchelangelo standing on it. Wario can progress right to enter the bow of the ship, where a money bag can be found all the way to the right. Three Squabbles fly overhead. Goodstyle informs Wario about the money bags and how he can earn its contents using different attacks. Two more money bags are found to the right, as well as three more Squabbles who fly towards Wario in an attempt to harm him. Cannoli appears at the bow's entrance. If avoided, Wario returns to the previous room. There is a third suspended platform above that Cosmic Wario can shoot down, giving him a higher ground to jump and reach a ladder above. The ladder brings Wario to the upper level, where a Squabble flies over another money bag. To the right is the ship's edge with three Squabbles flying above. To the left is a crate blocking a door. Wario must push the crate and enter the door. Inside, Wario encounters a Galley Cat. Another door to the left can be entered, bringing Wario to a room with staircases that leads to a money bag and a heart to replenish health. To the left of this door is an area with an inaccessible elevator that becomes available in the following episode.

Wario progresses to the next area on the left, where Cannoli reappears, standing on a chandelier. Cannoli warns Wario that the ship is booby trapped, as he hops down from the chandelier to continue his pursuit of Wario. To the left, another Galley Cat is encountered followed by a Pushy Cat. Wario enters another door that brings him to a room with a series of red blocks and crates. To the left is a new area with a hat switch, which allows the player to save. Before the cap is a shaky surface, and if Wario steps on it the floor collapses, bringing him to the first room. However, falling down this gap leads to an otherwise inaccessible catwalk in the first room that leads to money bags and a red treasure chest, which contains the Sandals of Song. To the right of the gap is a descending ladder that leads Wario to another platform containing a red treasure chest and money bag. Inside the chest is the Excavated T. rex Skull.

Wario battling Count Cannoli inside the Mad Hat Mk. I in Wario: Master of Disguise.
The boss battle against Count Cannoli

Back to the previous room with the red blocks and standard blocks, Wario can interact with these blocks to help him reach a red treasure chest containing the Weightless Backpack resting on a platform. To the right in this room is a ladder that leads Wario up to a new floor of the ship. Here, Wario encounters a laser trap. If he runs into the laser, a giant hammer-like contraption swings from the ceiling. Wario must wait for the laser to go away, which it does periodically. Above is a small ledge with a money bag resting on it. Further to the left are two more Munchelangelos walking beneath Semisolid Platforms. There are red blocks in Wario's way that he can push to the ground. To the left is a new area with another red treasure chest, which contains the Reindeer Headlamp. In the previous room is a ladder above the Semisolid Platforms. This takes Wario to the top of the ship, where Cannoli confronts him again. After destroying his Mad Hat Mk. I, the episode ends.


Sprite Name Count
Sprite of Munchelangelo in Wario: Master of Disguise Munchelangelo 3
Squabble.png Squabble 10
Sprite of Galley Cat in Wario: Master of Disguise Galley Cat 2
Front view of a Pushy Cat in Wario: Master of Disguise Pushy Cat 1

Treasure chest locations[edit]

Chest color Treasure Description Worth Location
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Grizzled Prospector Candy WMoD.png

Grizzled Prospector Candy

These lovingly handmade candies contain large pieces of real gold. Give them to your beloved and watch the teeth fly. $24,500 On a high platform outside the ship where the episode starts. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Wicked Wario.
Green treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. The Cosmic Guise Gem from Wario: Master of Disguise

Cosmic Guise Gem

N/A N/A In the first room of the ship, past the stairs.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Strong Sauce WMoD.png

Strong Sauce

Oh, the smell! Oh, the flavor! This stellar sauce makes even the most flavorless vegan food taste divine! There's an out-of-body experience in every bite! $79 Replaces the Cosmic Guise Gem during subsequent runs of the episode.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. I Love You Lunchbox WMoD.png

I Love You Lunchbox

Give this lunchbox to the object of your affection and watch the sparks fly! Contains one sandwich and chips, but cannot be traded for the other kid's pizza slice. $298 In the room immediately to the right of where the Cosmic Guise Gem is obtained, there is a laser switch that will bring down a chest to where Wario can open it.
Purple treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. S.S. Caviar Map N/A N/A In the room with the boats attached to the ceiling by ropes.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Comatose Cushion WMoD.png

Comatose Cushion

A soft cushion once used by an ancient emperor whose people held him in the highest of esteem. It's so soft, those who sleep on it never wake up. Ever. $3,719 Obtained by flying up as high as possible at the rightmost outdoor portion of the ship, then going left. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Wicked Wario.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Excavated T Rex Skull WMoD.png

Excavated T. Rex Skull

A T. rex skull dug up from the Earth's fiery belly. It makes a fine centerpiece, if your dining room table is strong enough to support it. $29 In the area below the room with the crumbling floor.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Sandals of Song WMoD.png

Sandals of Song

Ancient sandals that sing a hauntingly beautiful tune with every step you take. They tend to leave one's feet with terribly painful corns, however. $160 On a ledge below where the Excavated T. rex Skull is.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Weightless Backpack WMoD.png

Weightless Backpack

This groovy backpack stays light as a feather, no matter how much junk you cram into it. Science majors can't get enough of this puppy. $58 In the room with the three Squabbles to the right of the crumbling floor room.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Sapphire Topknot WMoD.png

Sapphire Topknot

No true samurai would leave his house without one of these placed firmly atop his pate. The gem sparkles on his bald head, blinding all foes. $5,099 Obtained by destroying the red block on the far right of the room with the Weightless Backpack to reveal the chest. Unobtainable on the first run due to requiring Dragon Wario.
Red treasure chest from Wario: Master of Disguise. Reindeer Headlamp WMoD.png

Reindeer Headlamp

A reindeer headlamp that beams light across vast distances. Reindeer use them to complain about poor working conditions and organize secret reindeer unions. $64 In the room on the top-left corner of the ship.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 参上! 怪盗 ワリオ
Sanjō! Kaitō Wario
Come on! Phantom Thief Wario
French La vraie vedette entre en scène! The real star enters the stage!
German Wessen Show ist das eigentlich? Whose show is this anyway?
Italian Sulla cresta dell'onda On the crest of the wave
Spanish Adivina quién triunfa en la tele... Guess who's making it on TV...