Guise Gem

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Guise Gem
CosmicGuiseGem.png ArtyGuiseGem.png GeniusGuiseGem.png SparkyGuiseGem.png CaptainGuiseGem.png DragonGuiseGem.png WickedGuiseGem.png
All seven Guise Gems
A round jewel with an icon on it.

First appearance

Wario: Master of Disguise (2007)

Effect on player

Gives Wario a new disguise.

A Guise Gem is an item found in Wario: Master of Disguise. They are found in green treasure chests. When one is obtained, Goodstyle will eat it, giving Wario the ability to wear a new disguise. Acquiring the gem requires winning a game of Color Me Happy. Mastery Gems are similar to Guise Gems, but give new powers to a disguise Wario already has.

List of Guise Gems[edit]

There are a total of seven Guise Gems, one for each disguise barring Thief Wario, which is available from the start.

Image Name Disguise Location
CosmicGuiseGem.png Cosmic Guise Gem Cosmic Wario Episode 1
ArtyGuiseGem.png Arty Guise Gem Arty Wario Episode 2
GeniusGuiseGem.png Genius Guise Gem Genius Wario Episode 2
SparkyGuiseGem.png Sparky Guise Gem Sparky Wario Episode 3
CaptainGuiseGem.png Captain Guise Gem Captain Wario Episode 3
DragonGuiseGem.png Dragon Guise Gem Dragon Wario Episode 4
WickedGuiseGem.png Wicked Guise Gem Wicked Wario Episode 9