Fort Key Calamity

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Fort Key Calamity
Fort Key Calamity.png
Level code 4-4
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Kamek
Music track STAGE_BOSS_MID
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“How do you two keep BEATING ME?! I'm going to get you for really real next time!”
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island

Fort Key Calamity is the fourth level of World 4 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the yellow Yoshi.


YNI W4-4 Chomp Rock.png

Yoshi starts the level in a fort with three doors in front of him. The door on the right leads to a dark room with some flame-like enemies lighting the way and a key at the end of the room. The one on the left leads to an area with spikes and rough platforms. The rough platforms are in two colors and there are arrow blocks controlling the ledges. Each arrow block controls the platforms that match the color of the block, rotating the platforms so that the spikes are facing up and vice versa. There is also a key at the end of the room. The locked door in the center leads to a Checkpoint Ring and a second locked door. The second locked door leads to another Checkpoint Ring and a Mega Eggdozer which opens up the way to the boss door where Kamek awaits. This time, Yoshi will be fighting Kamek on rough platforms with arrow blocks that rotate the platforms. To hit Kamek, Yoshi must throw an egg on one of the arrow blocks. If done correctly, the platform that Kamek was standing on rotates so that the spikes are facing up, hurting Kamek. Repeat this process two more times to defeat Kamek.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 砦で 鍵探し
Toride de Kagi Sagashi
Key Search in the Fort
French (NOA) Calamité à Fort Clé
French (NOE) L'épreuve de Fort Key
German Schlüsselschlamassel
Italian Le chiavi di Forte Guaio
Korean 요새에서 열쇠 찾기
Yosae'eseo Yeolsoe Chatgi
Finding Keys in the Fort
Spanish ¿Dónde están las llaves? Where Are the Keys? (Pun on a well-known nursery rhyme)