Hotfoot Hurdle

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Hotfoot Hurdle
Hotfoot Hurdle.png
World-Level 6-5
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Hotfoot Hurdle is the fifth level of World 6 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level in an autoscrolling lava-themed area with some enemies and spiky platforms which can be rotated if Yoshi presses a switch. A pipe takes Yoshi to an area with moving platforms and the nearby Checkpoint Ring, along with rotating wooden platforms. A door leads Yoshi to a Checkpoint Ring and some Conveyor Belts which take him to the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 溶岩洞窟 危機一髪
Yōgan Dōkutsu Kiki Ippatsu
Lava Cave: Close Shave
Italian Ostacoli bollenti Hot obstacles
Spanish (NOA) Lava por aquí, lava por allá Lava Over Here, Lava Over There
Spanish (NOE) Pies inquietos Restless Feet
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