Ukiki Jammin'

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Ukiki Jammin'
Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island.
Level code 3-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_REGGAE
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Ukiki Jammin' is the second level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island. As the name suggests, the level is centered around Ukikis and their variations, including those that drop bombs and Pokeys. This level's playable Yoshi is the pink Yoshi, and introduces watermelons to the game, where the pink Yoshi can hold them in its mouth to spit out watermelon seeds. This level and Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove have their backgrounds make use of Japanese oil paintings, plus both of them use reggae-styled music.


Pink Yoshi starts the level in a jungle-like area with some Ukikis and slippery terrain, the very first Ukiki is seen eating the level's first watermelon. After passing over areas with Ukikis that toss bombs which destroy breakable blocks, past the first Winged Cloud that spawns stars and another Ukiki holding a watermelon is the level's first Smiley Flower covered with breakable blocks. To the right of the Smiley Flower in an area is a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns stars. An upper area accessed by jumping on breakable blocks before an Ukiki destroys them is a pink door leading to an area with a ! Switch and the level's only Shy Guy as well as the only feature in the level that allows Pink Yoshi to obtain eggs. It activates red platforms which must be traversed in a short time in order to get the level's second Smiley Flower. To the right of the pink door is a green Flatbed Ferry that travels down and contains coins and Red Coins.

The nearby blue door leads to a Checkpoint Ring, along with some more Ukikis that shoot watermelon seeds and green Flatbed Ferries that patrol up and down. In between two trees is a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns a pink door; this pink door leads to an area with more Ukikis that shoot watermelon seeds and drop bombs, as well as Countdown Platforms which help Pink Yoshi travel upward to the level's third Smiley Flower. This room has a hidden Winged Cloud on the far right of the first row of Countdown Platforms that spawns coins and Red Coins, the second row contains two hidden Winged Clouds on the left and right of the Ukikis that drop bombs that also spawn a row of coins. The Flatbed Ferry on the right takes Pink Yoshi straight down to where it came from. In the main room, on top of the Paddle Platform is a Winged Cloud that gives a 1-UP upon being activated. After an area with many Ukikis dropping bombs above a horizontally moving Flatbed Ferry, Pink Yoshi reaches the Goal Ring.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おさるさんと アスレチック
Osaru-san to Asurechikku
Athletics with Grinders
French (NOA) Ukiki sans répit Merciless Ukiki
French (NOE) Barrage Ukiki Ukiki Roadblock
German Don Banano-Blues
Italian Ukiki scocomerati Scocomerate Ukikis
Korean 몽숭이와 수박씨 뱉기
Mongsung'iwa Subakssi Baetgi
Spitting Watermelon Seeds with Ukiki
Russian Бойкие укики
Boykie ukiki
Brisk Ukikis
Spanish (NOA) La merienda de los ukikis The Ukikis' Snack
Spanish (NOE) Merendola de Troncuis Ukikis Picnic