Ukiki Jammin'

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Ukiki Jammin'
13.2.14 Screen 03 - Yoshi's New Island.png
World-Level 3-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Ukiki Jammin' is the second level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Pink Yoshi starts the level in a jungle-like area with some Ukikis and some muddy hills, with a pink door leading to an area with a switch. It activates red platforms which must be traversed in a short time in order to get a Smiley Flower. The nearby blue door leads to a Checkpoint Ring, along with some more Ukikis. Eventually, the player reaches the Goal Ring. The background in this level is based off of a Japanese oil painting.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おさるさんと アスレチック
Osaru-san to Asurechikku
Athletics with Grinders
French (NOA) Ukiki sans répit Merciless Ukiki
French (NOE) Barrage Ukiki Ukiki Roadblock
Russian Бойкие укики
Boykie ukiki
Brisk Ukikis
Korean 몽숭이와 수박씨 뱉기
Mongsung'iwa Subakssi Baetgi
Spitting Watermelon Seeds with Ukiki