Fire Watermelon Wonderland

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Fire Watermelon Wonderland
Fire Watermelon Wonderland on Yoshi's New Island.
Level code 5-6
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_SWING
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Fire Watermelon Wonderland is the sixth level of World 5 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level in a snowy area with some enemies and red watermelons which can be used to melt the ice blocks in order to progress to the next area. Here awaits a Checkpoint Ring along with some ! Switches that can be used to activate platforms which lead to the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大切な 炎スイカ
Taisetsu na Honō Suika
The Indispensable Fire Watermelon
Italian Fuocomeri tra i ghiacci Fire Watermelon between the ice
Spanish (NOA) Sandías de fuego escarchadas Frosty Fire Watermelons
Spanish (NOE) Sorbete de sandía de fuego Fire Watermelon Sherbet