Sandboxer Beach

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Image of Ashley's stage in WarioWare: Move It!
Ashley and Red in the woods by Sandboxer Beach

Sandboxer Beach on Caresaway Island is the setting of Ashley and Red's stage in WarioWare: Move It!, where they build a sandcastle based on Ashley's Mansion. There is a wooded area by the beach where blue berries grow; these berries shrink Red when he eats them. Ashley uses a spell to make the trees grow red, cube-shaped berries for Red to eat to return to normal size.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スナアッソビーチ
Sunaasso Bīchi
Pun on「砂遊すなあそび」(suna asobi, "playing in the sand") and "beach"

Chinese (simplified) 顽莎海滩
Wánshā Hǎitān

Chinese (traditional) 頑莎海灘
Wánshā Hǎitān

Dutch Het Zandtenenstrand
Possibly a deformation of het zandstenen strand ("the sandstone beach")
French Plage Bacassab
"Beach" + pun on bac à sable ("sandbox")
German Sandinhand-Strand
Italian Spiaggiocherellona
Korean 서벅서벅 비치
Seobeog-seobeog Bichi

Spanish (NOA) Playa Juegarena
Spanish (NOE) Playa de los Sueños
Beach of Dreams